Month: September 2007

Church Doors Are Open And The Message Is Clear – “REST!”

What a great message the Deacon has for us today!  Call your friends and family and tell them to meet us at the Church (see right).

When Does It Pay To Be A Man? Ouch!

MOSCOW —  A small Russian city just got a really big addition: its resident has delivered her 12th baby at 17.05 pounds — the biggest on the nation’s record. Tatiana Khalina, 42, delivered the girl by Caesarean section at a

Verbal Abuse…Are you a victim?

Hey fellow LifeTrain passengers, I feel strongly about the ministry my good friend, Denise Knight is launching dealing with verbal abuse. I have witnessed personally, the devastating effects this form of abuse can cause. I am posting the full article

LiFeTrain (Almost) Daily News – No-longer “ALMOST”

Hey passengers, great news! The LifeTrain “Almost” daily news, posted for your daily ride is now has a new edition hitting the stands everyday! Be sure to check the new LifeTrain “Daily” news…DAILY! The page is being renamed on “MAIN”

Mid-week Service…

Hey, why not stop by the Church for mid-week service?  There is a great message on finances (by the book) waiting for you.  See you there!  …and if you don’t know, the Church is located to the right on “MAIN”

Life On The Train…

Hey LifeTrain passenger’s here’s a few words of wisdom to ponder as we journey into a new day: The most useless thing to do…….Worry The greatest Joy……………..Giving The greatest loss……Loss of self-respect The most satisfying work……Helping others The ugliest personality

Merry Monday!

GOOD MORNING!  Merry Monday!   I know, I know…He’s just a little to chipper for a Monday…Chill Chuckie! NOT!  I want to spread some cheer today…I want to make some lemonade out of the lemon that might be Monday.  When I

Sunday Service @ The Church…Come on by!

As usual…Church is in session, come on by!  

Something to ponder…

Hey Fellow passengers…Make it a great today and as you hop off the LifeTrain today to start or continue your day, here is…. Just a thought: How we treat another for good or ill reflects how we have dealt with

Extra, Extra…Read all about it

The LiFeTrain daily news is updated and available daily for your ride on the train.  (See right under main)