Month: August 2007

Help Send The Good News To “Our” Troops

Thousands of U.S. troops are now stationed around the world. Far from their families, friends, and churches, they have a tremendous need for encouragement and truth from the Scriptures. But their missions often carry them far from a chapel and

He Said it…

You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it. – Denzel Washington

On Blended Families…(cont.)

Part II (Part I follows) Before I leave this earth there are some causes that I would like to champion. Just a few being JDRF, providing information and help to single mothers, “and” either being or appreciating a “good” stepfather

Coffee Break W/Chuckie

Having a tough day at the office? How’s about a quick break…And remember we have a long weekend coming up. Take a few deep breaths, kick your shoes off for a second and enjoy: CLICK … One special lady…one great

LiFeTrain (Almost) Daily News

Daily news updated for Thursday, 30 August, 2007.  Some interesting news today passengers, check it out.

Mid-Week Service – “The Only Door To Heaven”

Mid-week service is now in session at the Church.  The Church is located on your right under/On “MAIN” Street.  Come on by!

Intercom Announcement On The Train

Attention all passengers, Attention all passengers: TODAY IS BEAUTIFUL SISTERS DAY! Please men…turn to ALL the ladies on board today and inform them of such. Call your wife, mother, sister, cousin, Grandmother and let them know: Pretty is as Pretty

A Bloggers Deadly Sin…Never make an excuse for

A bloggers number one no no is to never make excuses for not posting regularly. So I won’t… However, if in a couple of weeks you notice a gap or two…And I hope that you won’t, just know that the

Gastric Bypass Lowers Risk of Death…

Whether one regards bariatric surgery — last-resort weight-loss operations such as gastric bypass and stomach stapling — as an essential treatment for obesity or as a failure of the fat person’s will, the fact is, it works. Studies have shown

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

Another one of my favorites….Here we are…and there is nothing I can do…CLICK …