July 31, 2007

Job Security…Think about this

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I was on the way to work on the LifeTrain and I had a talk with a very wise fellow, Deacon Dan. This is what he told me.

C, he began, Does your job seem secure? Or are you constantly listening to gossip at the water cooler or coke machine to discover the latest dirt about the corporate finances? Are things looking up for your company, or are they looking mighty grim?

Most of us expect our companies to provide security. We all want good, secure jobs. But when a company starts looking precarious, we worry about the future and may even start looking for another “good secure job.”

Our incomes keep us alive, so of course job security concerns us. We want to pay the rent and grocery bills and can’t do it if we don’t work. But when we place all our trust in companies, we’ll experience disappointment. CEOs can’t predict the financial future, hard as they try. Managers can’t be certain our positions won’t be axed in a corporate downsize.

But when we look to God for security, we will never be shaken. He knows the future. He foresees what jobs we need, long before we find them. Even if we lose our jobs unexpectedly, He helps us pay the rent and feed the kids.

Today, are you trusting in a short–term business or an eternal Father?

Well LifeTrain riders, what say you?

Thank You, Lord, that I can trust in Your eternal care. I place my future in Your hands………Amen

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day” 2 fEr TueSDaY

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Was I the only one who loved this song? CLICK .

4 U from me …CLICK

July 30, 2007

Coffee Break W/Chuckie

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Ok, so it’s Monday, so the commute was tough, the boss demanding, the deadlines looming, we are off and running at breakneck speed. Here’s a thought to ponder once you get a second to grab a cup.

But first, before you read this. Cut your speakers on as there is some music that I hope will set the proper mood for you as you read and consider the below. Note: When you click to the link…another window will open which will start the mood music. Allow that window to stay open and play as you click back to the train. ….5…4…3…2…1 “CLICK” …and keep an open mind…

Often we feel the need to find some tranquility in the otherwise frenzied experience we define as life. We need to step away — find some peace so we can let go of our daily worries — cleanse them from our beings. Like stepping into a forest, this meditation will teach you that calmness can surround you and fill your senses. This serenity allows us to leave everything else behind and ease our minds and bodies so that we can take life on again with a fresh and more peaceful approach. Use this meditation to reach a state of peaceful and mindful thought.

My preference would be to call meditation relaxation – conscious relaxation, chosen relaxation. These are words that are more universally understood, more comfortable. Constantly working toward the goal of discovering my own ability to reach a state of serenity, I have learned to meditate.

Meditating is actually easier than you might imagine. Most of us have dabbled in meditation by participating in conscious relaxation. Maybe during an exercise class or to manage pain at the dentist or anxiety before a test. We start by paying attention to our breathing. The practical effort to focus completely on our breathing takes our minds away from the “mind clutter” that constantly tries to invade our mind and eliminate feelings that will lead to a time of calm. With repeated effort the goal of clearing your mind – to think of nothing, does occur and the process of meditation takes on its own energy. The result is, and I guarantee this, peace, serenity, calmness, eventually opening yourself to new insights.

Too much stress, stress reduction, chill out, let it go, detach – familiar phrases to all of us. Our world is fast, fun and exciting. It is also challenging, trying, demanding and frightening. These two sides of our lives produce stress, emotional reactions, anxiety, worry and anticipation. Our bodies and minds can tolerate only so much of any of these. After a while, each of us reaches a saturation point and the results become uncomfortable at best; for some it may be unbearable, even unendurable.

No magic pill is available to eliminate these feelings. The reality is, as the wise old man said, the answer is inside all of us. To manage these universal concerns we must go inside ourselves. Among the steps we can take is the learning and practicing of meditation.

With time and faith in the commitment to practice frequently, (daily meditating is ideal), during your meditation time you may “leave the moment.” A feeling of separation exists where the mind is clear, clean and blank. You will still hear sounds around you, but they will not interfere with your meditation.

Sometimes you may weep — you may not even be aware of what is making you weep. It is your own emotions having a voice of their own. Sometimes you may feel a smile across your face — that is contentment showing itself. Sometimes you may fall asleep and awaken truly refreshed.

There is no right or wrong behavior during your meditation. It is your time for you. Everyone deserves this kind of personal attention. This is a self-care activity; loving oneself! Teach it to your children instead of a time-out in their room or corner. Teach it to your friends, family, anyone who will listen. We can share this gift and get back as we give. We are all better because of each person who meditates. The peace and joy felt by those who meditate enters the world for all of us as positive energy. From it the world is a better place. Imagine if we all practiced meditation!

After having read this I know what some of you may be thinking…So go to the Church located to your right under “MAIN”. The Deacon has provided thoughts on Christians and Meditation.

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

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If it isn’t…CLICK

July 29, 2007

Sunday Morning And The Deacon Has The Church Doors Open!

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Come one come all. The Deacon has the doors open; He awaits with a joyful heart to greet you.  Today’s message:  FAITH!
The Church is located to the right of your screen on “MAIN” street.

July 28, 2007

Hey LifeTrain Passengers!…It’s Geri’s special day!

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Happy day…O happy Day…it’s Miss Geri’s Birthday. Please join me in a Standing O for this special lady…Geri’s Birthday! Love ya gurl! Do the Chuckie with me on this song: CLICK

July 27, 2007

Chuckie’s Question of the day…

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The Pope has it but he does not use it. Your father has it but your mother uses it. Nuns do not need it. Your lady friend’s husband has it and she uses it.
What is it?

My Dream…

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I had dream last night…Dreamed about the LifeTrain…anybody out there able to interpret? Here it is: CLICK

Coffee Break W/Chuckie

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I’m sitting here this morning drinking my cup of mud and thinking about what seems so remarkable and complicated about how coffee came to be. I can just see some South American farmer sitting next to a coffe plant one day and suddenly seeing visions of shelling its red berries to get to the little bean inside. And once he saw that little bean, he would immediately know to dry it, roast it, grind it up, and pour hot water over it through a filter in order to get one of the most popular beverages in the world. I’m sure that’s how it happened!

Don’t you ever wonder about stuff like this or am I the only one? And doesn’t it make you wonder how many other drinks or potions are still out there undiscovered? Why did we find the ones we found? Were we wired a certain way? Is it just random that we landed on coffee? Could it just as easily have gone another way and suddenly we are all drinking hot baba from the babao plant? (Don’t go looking; I just made those up.)

All this tells me that we are not alone in not being an accident. That little bean inside the coffea berry is no accident either. God has built all sorts of beneficial secrets into his creation and then left us to discover them and use them. And this comes with responsibility as well because some of these secrets are harmful. That’s all a part of the good and evil around us that makes life such a challenge.

All of this makes me stop dead in my tracks and go, “God, you are so awesome! To have plants, animals, natural resources, and an environment in which they can all thrive together is one thing. The brains to make something out of all these resources, and the potential to use what we make for good or for evil are even more incredible gifts you have given your creatures. Who could have thought up a God like you? Certainly none of us.”

So enjoying my coffee today has turned into an unplanned act of worship. It’s amazing how you can access thoughts of God through the simplest channels. It’s really not that hard once you start thinking down this road. That we can go about our work and never give a thought to what’s behind the world we deal with every day is the real scandal.

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

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I would have to say this is one of Chuckie’s “Ultimate” songs of the day:  CLICK