Month: June 2007

Want A Quick & Inexpensive Vacation?

Pick up the Album called “Journey” by Fourplay.  Listen to the song “Field of Gold”.  Don’t 4get to come back… Also, come back 2night for Date Night w/Lil Chuckie.  Kickin off round 6:PM.

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

But who is you?…CLICK

Station Stop…Time 2 Unpack!

As the train pulls into the station today, I have a surprise for you. As you detrain for the day’s activities, it is I, in full conductor uniform, with that big Chuckie Grin. Today we are going to unpack all

Thought 4 2Day…

You cannot belong to anyone else, until you belong to yourself. -Pearl Bailey

Coffee Break W/Chuckie “Pretty Bad!”

Grab a cup, take a break…try not to laugh to loud: CLICK

Mid-Week Service — Come On By The Church!

Come one come all.  The Deacon has the doors open at the Church.  The Church is located on Main street ( under the heading “MAIN”).  See ya there!

They’re Gone…Move On…

Hey LifeTrain passengers, are you “suddenly single”? It’s always upsetting when someone dumps us without an obvious cause. Sometimes letting go can be a very difficult thing, however, the quicker you realize that they are in-fact gone the better. Now,

Coffee Break W/Chuckie ….My Group Begins!

Even if you don’t do the whole 9 (minutes of this coffee break) check out the beginnings of my one of my favorite groups! CLICK Ps.  It worth sticking it out to see all the members (as they were) as

Merry Monday!

Boss Trippin, Husband trippin, Bills due, Baby need a new pair of shoes?  Count it all joy! Cause you know how we do on the Train!  On the LifeTrain our Monday Morning saying is what!?!  “MERRY MONDAY!” cause we Got

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”…Happy Birthday 2 Me!

Happy Birthday to me! Here’s my Birthday song. Someday, when my life has past me by, just know that Jesus was always there 4 me! CLICK