Month: May 2007

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

Let us never forget the sacrifices:  CLICK

Coffee Break W/Chuckie ….or is it just me?

As you pour that cup this morning and duck back in that Delbert Cube or close your office door for a brief reprieve. Here’s a couple of questions to ponder; be careful…that coffee’s hot! Why do we return to the

Mid-Week Service — Come On By The Church

Send picture first! “Send me a picture first, then I’ll reply” – This is a very consistent message in the personal ads game. In this age of alienation and e-community, it makes a lot of sense to approach any unknown

Can I tell You A Secret?

We cannot change the color of our skin. What we can change is how we feel about it. We cannot change a pain filled past. What we can do is change how it affects us. We cannot change how others

Coffee Break w/Chuckie

I am what I am! CLICK How’s about a second cup? CLICK Ok, Ok…just one more cup, close the door, nobodies lookin (What a rare find)  CLICK .

Coffee Break W/Chuckie

Today, I thought we would do something different. Let’s by-pass the caffiene and make a phone call. A phone call to our bodies. Let’s take a moment to check in on our bodies. Deeply inhale and exhale. Let your mind

Chuckie’s Song Of The Day…

Where’s she at? CLICK p.s.  That’s Boney on Sax…

Sunday Morning And The Deacon Has The Church Doors Open!

Good morning everyone! Praise God! I spoke with the Deacon and he says he will be talking about “GOD, Walking amongst us”, the ultimate sacrifice! The Deacon is on vacation in the Nation’s Capital this weekend so through the miracles

The “D” Word(s)…

There are two words that are spelled differently, pronounced differently, but to me they mean pretty much the same thing, Death & Divorce. There are so many scars inside of people who have experienced divorce or death; it is incredible

Chuckie’s Song Of The Day…

Have a great weekend! CLICK