Month: April 2007

Coffee Break W/Chuckie

Merry Monday! Grab a cup of Coffee, tea, whatever “AND” a box of tissue! Uh oh… For today’s Coffee break, please do the following (READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS FIRST BEFORE YOU CLICK: HERE ). Once you click on the above,

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

Named after my buddy in Georgia, Click HERE …

Sunday Morning And The Deacon Has The Church Doors Open!

Join the Deacon Today at the Church as he continues the series on keeping the main thing, “THE MAIN THING!”. The Church is located on Main Street, to the right of your screen (Under the heading “MAIN”). You won’t want

Giving Thanks At The Oscars… “I’d Like To Thank”, “EVERYONE!”

As with my obituary on the LifeTrain, the problem with giving acknowledgments and thanks is that inevitably you, without malice or forethought, forget someone. You might neglect to thank someone that is very close to you, realize it later and

Delyon Recording Group…A Shout Out…

Owned and operated out of Graham, North Carolina. The Delyon group provides you with a multitude of professional multi-media services, which include: original music production, video production and…drum roll please…the production of “Date Night” w/Chuckie. Got a wedding, graduation or

The LifeTrain Bookclub – The Painted House…

Hey Passengers, a new addition to the the LifeTrain. The LifeTrain Book club. Join me in recommending books to read so that we may discuss them on the Train. I just finished a book by John Grisham entitled: “The Painted

Virginia Tech — A Special Message…

I heard something in Church on Sunday. The Pastor elaborated on how we should be in prayer for the families involved with this tragedy. He then opened our eyes with this, he asked us to pray for the family of

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

Are you telling me the truth? Click HERE . One of my favs by her…

Mid-week Service…Don’t Miss This Service!

Join the Deacon at the Church. Don’t miss this one…Each one reach one — 24×7! The Church is located under “MAIN”, Main Street, to your right. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE! And just in case Click HERE .

Date Night! …Our First Date

The Chuckie Show – 2 – Date Night – (04/25/07) [Audio clip: view full post to listen] Download MP3 (Right-Click on the Link Above and Save) Show Notes: Date Night with Chuckie. Original prose by Bro. Chuckie, a short story.