April 30, 2007

Coffee Break W/Chuckie

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Merry Monday! Grab a cup of Coffee, tea, whatever “AND” a box of tissue! Uh oh…

For today’s Coffee break, please do the following (READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS FIRST BEFORE YOU CLICK: HERE ).

  1. Once you click on the above, you will be transported to the site where I will now tell you how to navigate to today’s coffee break.
  2. On your right you will see Network Video Features.
  3. Look directly to the bottom of this group of videos and you will see MORE FREE VIDEOS.
  4. Click that link.
  5. Next look for: Kara Henderson’s special feature on former Mississippi Linebacker Patrick Willis.

Make sure your co-workers are not looking at you because you may need those tissue…

This is an incredible story of courage, love, the struggle of forgiveness, sacrifice, and the struggle to survive. it’s another real life Rudy.

Hey fellow LifeTrain passengers, One more thing, …today let’s endeavor to love like the Findleys.

All Aboard, the LifeTrain!

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

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Named after my buddy in Georgia, Click HERE

April 29, 2007

Sunday Morning And The Deacon Has The Church Doors Open!

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Join the Deacon Today at the Church as he continues the series on keeping the main thing, “THE MAIN THING!”. The Church is located on Main Street, to the right of your screen (Under the heading “MAIN”).

You won’t want to miss the Special Praise & Worship period — Get Ready to dance like David danced and make a joyful noise!

April 27, 2007

Giving Thanks At The Oscars… “I’d Like To Thank”, “EVERYONE!”

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As with my obituary on the LifeTrain, the problem with giving acknowledgments and thanks is that inevitably you, without malice or forethought, forget someone. You might neglect to thank someone that is very close to you, realize it later and then wish you could find a very comfortable and plush hole to hide in (LOL).

Note: Please see the comments by “Starr” at the end of this article.

I watch folks on the Award shows on TV struggling to thank everyone (in 30 seconds) by trying to call out individual names. I cringe to think who is going to hold it against them later because their name was not called out.

Ok…Chuckie, where are you going with this? Listen, I need you guys, my fellow passengers here on the Train to hear my heart on this. I read, re-read and read again “ALL” comments left on the Train, the LifeTrain. To me they are Christmas presents. Your comments represent my being heard and in most cases understood. The comments let me know that my therapy sessions (my writing) are shared and appreciated. Most importantly, they motivate me to improve and continue…So I say, Thank you…Thank EACH and every one of you, the ridership (aka, readership) on the LifeTrain.

Being understood is so very important. I did not realize how much so until I went through a very traumatic and life changing event in my life a few years ago. It was at that time that some of my closest friends rallied around me, and spoke to my mind and spirit letting me know that they understood me and the truth of the situation that I was faced with. That meant the world to me, because in reality, if you looked at the situation on paper you might have drawn the wrong conclusion.

Let me share with you an example of being understood and how powerful and rewarding it is in my life. I recently wrote a short story in support of Friday night date nights w/Chuckie. I was “SO” hoping that the true meaning of the story was properly communicated. Much to my delight, those that responded in writing “GOT IT!”. Praise God. If you have not looked at the comments please do so. They are located in several locations due to the different pieces wrote in support of the story. Here is one such example that I am SO excited to share from one of our dear co-passengers, Starr.

I think she did a GREAT job at capturing the essence of the story, she wrote:

How refreshing to know that there are brothers out there that really love the art of
“Courting” and True Romance. It astounds me that people really believe that you can
separate God and Romance! It’s impossible! The most romantic story of all is the
Songs of Solomon and God is the CENTER of the relationship. Why? Because God is

What a beautiful display of sensitivity, inner beauty and strength of a REAL MAN
that’s becomes stronger by allowing HIS TRUTH be told. You become MORE LOVED
because of it and well, the woman doesn’t mind it being her last days on earth,
because she goes from the Glory of being with him to the GLORY of BEING WITH HIM!!!

What a way to go! I didn’t find it sad at all because our lives here on earth
should be filled with joy and LOVE and if it’s not, we’re just going through the
motions anyway. She left life to receive ETERNAL LIFE! The brother helped her
practice for the REAL THING!!!

I could take it and run with it, yet I want to “Thank YOU” for revealing another
side of a Man that really has it going on in God…and That’s Desirable in the
purest since.

God Bless,

Starr :>)

Delyon Recording Group…A Shout Out…

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Owned and operated out of Graham, North Carolina. The Delyon group provides you with a multitude of professional multi-media services, which include: original music production, video production and…drum roll please…the production of “Date Night” w/Chuckie. Got a wedding, graduation or party that needs recording, call the Delyon Recording Group at 336.261.3493. Ask for Sheila, and tell them your crazy cousin Chuckie told you to call! The production teams will travel nationally and internationally.

April 26, 2007

The LifeTrain Bookclub – The Painted House…

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Hey Passengers, a new addition to the the LifeTrain. The LifeTrain Book club. Join me in recommending books to read so that we may discuss them on the Train.

I just finished a book by John Grisham entitled: “The Painted House”.

John Grisham shows his versatility as a writer in the story of a seven-year-old boy who is privy to adult secrets. The conflict Luke Chandler faces is the grist of Grisham’s novel. Unlike the courtroom dramas that trademark earlier books, A PAINTED HOUSE takes place in rural Arkansas in 1952, where the setting is a family’s cotton farm. An only child, Luke is introduced to two migrant groups, the hill people and the Mexicans. His childhood is turned upside down when they interact with the Chandler family.

The outsiders arrive in Black Oak to work in the cotton harvest for Luke’s father and grandfather, who struggle to pay their bills. The hill people come from the mountains in the northern part of the state and are considered hillbillies. The low-class Spruills pitch a tent and set their camp in the Chandler front yard — an unforgivable act, according to Luke.

By contrast, the Mexicans live in the barn. One of them, Cowboy, terrifies Luke when he shows off a switchblade and the intent to use it if necessary. Conflict erupts when Hank Spruill, a hulking giant of a young man, bullies the Mexicans. Hank antagonizes everyone he meets in the small town of Black Oak. Luke witnesses one brutal thrashing that Hank gives a local boy. The consequences of that encounter remain a dark secret the boy is forced to keep.

Grisham develops a suspenseful story, characteristic of his earlier books. A PAINTED HOUSE is a tale of social ambiguities inherent in small communities. On the one side, Luke’s family is financially superior to the visiting clans. But he is made to feel inferior when the malicious Hank points out that the Chandlers’ clapboard house is a gray, unpainted wood. Hank boasts that the Spruill residence in Eureka Springs is painted white.

Luke’s love for baseball consumes him. He longs to play one day for the St. Louis Cardinals, his ticket out of the farming community. He saves his meager wages from picking cotton to buy a Cardinals jacket. However, Luke makes a choice based on friendship that will complicate his dream.

Grisham’s words allow the reader to become one with his characters and their surroundings. Ordinary lives become complex with tiny twists of plot. His characters come alive on the page. One cares about the outcome of each side story in the entire piece. A PAINTED HOUSE is set apart from ordinary coming-of-age stories by Grisham’s artful use of sensory details. One can hear a hissing, coiled snake, feel the chill blast of a tornado’s fury and smell the stench of water-soaked cotton balls.

His use of minor characters, both onscreen and off-screen, is masterful. Reference to the absent Ricky Chandler is an insight into the Korean War and its effects on a rural society. Grisham uses detail to transport his audience into a quiet community of our recent American past. And a bucket of paint becomes a symbol for new beginnings.Check it out…Worth the read while riding the LifeTrain

Note: If you would like to be on a panel discussion (podcast) on this or any other book on the LifeTrain, please email me at: chuckie@chuckiedaniel.com. No travel necessary to participate, in other words, you can do this in your PJs!

Feel free to recommend a book for the Book Club.

Virginia Tech — A Special Message…

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I heard something in Church on Sunday. The Pastor elaborated on how we should be in prayer for the families involved with this tragedy. He then opened our eyes with this, he asked us to pray for the family of the gunman. It was a deep moment as he brought to our minds the suffering that they are going through, death threats, relocation to seclusion, loss of their son, etc., etc.

Hey LifeTrain Passengers, the point is, all involved will be forever, and unwillingly affected by this senseless and barbaric act of violence.  Can we help facilitate healing by calling out to God for his peace and mercy in a time such as this…
Click HERE. (see the button to the right of “his message”)

Chuckie’s “Song Of The Day”

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Are you telling me the truth? Click HERE . One of my favs by her…

April 25, 2007

Mid-week Service…Don’t Miss This Service!

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Join the Deacon at the Church. Don’t miss this one…Each one reach one — 24×7! The Church is located under “MAIN”, Main Street, to your right. DO NOT MISS THIS ONE!

And just in case Click HERE .

Date Night! …Our First Date

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The Chuckie Show – 2 – Date Night – (04/25/07)

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Show Notes:
Date Night with Chuckie. Original prose by Bro. Chuckie, a short story.


The Chuckie Show – 3 – A “Kickoff” Prayer – (04/13/07)
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Show Notes:
A “kick-off” prayer for all the passengers on the Lifetrain. Blessings to all our passengers!