Month: December 2006

New Station Stops…

As was reported, we have added the Gym station and Road Work station. You can find these “Life Train” station stops (pages) located in the right most column of this “blog” located under “MAIN”. As you recall, part of Chuckie’s

It’s Friday Night…Date Night W/Chuckie

As you are probably gathering, each Friday night we go on a date. Aren’t dates with me great in that you don’t even have to give me a kiss goodnight! Glad you could get off work early bcause, tonight we

Mr. Hoc Spit Makes The Honor Roll!

I learned a very vaulable lesson today.  Check out who made the honor roll today, and how they did it while teaching me a valubale lesson on my drive in to work today!  See the “Honor Roll” on the right under

Tell Your Boss You Have To Leave Early Tomorrow…

There’s a growing tradition here on the Train; Friday night date night with Chuckie! I don’t want to grow up to be an old man with cats, so I’ve decided (at least in my mind) that I would go on

OK, OK, Alright! I’m Caught!

If you scroll down to the Post “Chuckie’s in Luv!”… Click on the link there or below to see my wife to be. Well, …ok, Let’s just say I have a few loose ends to tie up…I haven’t actually met

Chuckie’s Challenge (cont.)

Psalms 34:18 The LORD is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit. As we continue to build towards the drop of the ball, 2007, so too the challenge, my

“Chuckie’s Challenge”… A New Year’s Gift To Ourselves…

Here we are, once again, time for the annual New Year’s resolutions. I won’t assume that everyone is like me. However, I do set goals with myself, for myself each year. Some never leave the proverbial paper I write them


Godfather Of Soul …Dead At 73

James Brown Died this morning from complications of Pneumonia.

Have Yourself A Merry Little…